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When you're doing video, you may think you need AllTheThings.  But you don't need to spend AllTheMoney.  Here's our list.              {You're welcome.} 😉 

Hello Video Friends!

This is the  SHORTY  list of the tools I recommend when you are getting started.  Just because I recommend these as you're getting started, that is NOT to say these are cheap and disposable.  In fact, a lot of the equipment on this list has been with me for 7-10 years.  I'm kind of old fashioned like that...if it ain't broke, I ain't buying something new (not usually--unless it's wireless--then, I'm in)!  😊    

Feel free to email me or catch me on Facebook IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT EQUIPMENT.  There is a lot of junk out there and there are a lot of people just listing items who have never used them themselves.  Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.  I'm a real sheep.  That should be part of my legal disclaimer.  Just so you know.



⭐️  PRINTABLE PDF is available at the bottom of this page. ⭐️ 


1. Umbrella Kit.  Three lights (two umbrellas) for a 3-point lighting set up.  This is my favorite, although I did change out my lightbulbs for WARM bulbs from the hardware store in lieu of the fluorescents they come with.  Umbrella Light Kit (3 lights)

$60.49 + FREE Shipping

2.   Soft box light kit.  This is great for softening your subject’s face.  You will likely want some kind of light (clamp light from home depot works just fine) to fill in the rest of the lighting so you don’t have shadows in your background.  (I have both the umbrella kit and the soft box kit and play with them as needed.) *Yes, there is an “upgraded set” for more moolah.  This one is just fine.  Save your money.  Softbox Light Kit (2 lights)

$69.99 + FREE Shipping


3.   O-Ring {Halo} Light.  A favorite of beauty bloggers everywhere.  Get ready to look like an ANGEL!  The lighting practically ERASES lines and imperfections from your face.  Bubble burster:  I’m not a huge fan due to the fact that I can almost always immediately see the “O” reflecting in the subject’s eyeballs, andddd a lot of people just flip on the o-light and don’t light their background properly.  If you take the time to master the stand/fill-light location in ADDITION to your Halo, we’ll give you a pass.  {Don’t make us look bad.}  Here’s the one I have.  {Of course I have one, silly.} 

FYI:  This is a direct link to the seller’s site.  We do not have an affiliate link with them.

If you are an AMAZON fan, then this ring light from Neewer will do the trick.  It’s 18 inches.

$84.99 + FREE Shipping

4.  The LED Light kit by GVM (Great Video Maker)

Ok, ok…this is the one I always talk about…my guilty pleasure…my Christmas gift to myself…this amazing set of lights that not only had WARM AND COOL light settings, but a DIMMER as well!  (Oooooh!  AND…each light also has BATTERIES, so I can take it ON LOCATION and not have a cord!  That’s what I call a, “Woo-hoo!” Right there.

$349.00 + FREE SHIPPING!




1.  SHOTGUN MICROPHONE for the top of your camera to optimize your sound. Sennheiser is LEGIT in the audio industry.  This is the one I have and love it.  😍  AND I even found a seller who throws in a pair of headphones (check that sound, baby) fo free!

$199.95 + FREE Shipping

Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone (mount to your camera) and FREE Headphones! 


Similar to #1 just a different brand.  This one is RODE…a pretty commonly used product line for VLOGGERS.  SOLID company, very good products.  (I have this one too.  LOL)


Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone

3. Audio -Technica Lavalier.  (BUDGET CHOICE) This is a microphone that clips to your shirt.  YOU WANT THIS FOR SHOOTING VIDEO.  (Not needed for live-shots.) This is a “hardline" lapel microphone for your camera or smartphone.  Note:  You are “tethered” to your camera and this runs on batteries even though it is plugged into your camera.  Sound is very good especially for the price. 

$66.61 + FREE Shipping

Lavalier Microphone with Smartphone Adapter

(For Smartphone use or with your Video Camera)


4. RODE Lavalier.  (BEST CHOICE)  This is a microphone that clips to your shirt.  Hardline microphone for your camera or smartphone.  You are connected to your camera or smartphone by the wire.  NO BATTERIES!  (Yay!)  Can also be used if you upgrade to the WIRELESS microphone kit RODE GO (just became available and allows you to not be connected to your camera or smartphone). You will need the additional “goodies” below (adapter and extension cable).

$73.99 + FREE Shipping

RODE smartLav+ Lavalier  (Used with Smart Phone or Video Camera*)


*Need adapter for most cameras.  Questions?  MESSAGE ME! 



RODE 20’ Extension Cable for Lavalier

(to be used with the RODE Lavalier.  Yes, you will want it.)

$19.99 + Shipping


I told you I like wireless…even if I’m sitting in a chair (can’t help it).  So when I’m not using my hard-line microphones (#3 & #4), you can BET THE FARM that I am using my RODE GO WIRELESS SET. 


This is if you have a lavaliere and you have the SC4 cable.



Wireless Go Premium Package includes the wireless Lavalier Go and SC4 cable

(It has AllTheThings you need to plug into a smart phone and hit RECORD!)

Deep breath……..$389.99 + FREE SHIPPING


CAMERAS/Memory Card

1.   Webcam.  Step up your game (from your computer camera) to this great little webcam.  Takes away typical distortion that your computer camera does (you know—making your forehead bigger than it is…). Microphone on it is very good (as long as you are sitting in front of it—don’t go walking away or over to a whiteboard or anything.  Just sit there and look pretty).  ***LAST TIME I CHECKED, THERE WERE 9 LEFT IN STOCK***

About $100.

LOGITECH Pro Webcam C920

1080p Video Recording


2.   Camcorder.  Best video (IMHO) camcorder.  You will look like you are REALLY THERE with your audience.  For disclosure, the camcorder I use for my training videos (when I’m not using my iPhone, is the Sony 3D Handycam circa 2012) and it is no longer available.  If I was buying new, I’d get this one, which is a little less expensive than mine was, but it’s got even better specs and if it lasts as long as mine has, you’ll be in great shape!

$694.01 + FREE Shipping

SONY 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder

Carl Zeiss Lens (THEEEE best!  #suspendersnap!)

3.   Memory Card.  Get one of these, even if you can shoot on your phone or camera.  Makes for much easier transfer of video and storage if you like to keep your footage (packrat).  You’d be fine with 128GB but I go for the big kahuna of memory cards…the 256GB (you can get up into the 400’s I think…but that’s just gluttonous.) 

$49.99 + FREE Shipping

SanDisc 256GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I Memory Card



1. Full-Size TRIPOD  (YES, you need a tripod if you’re going to shoot videos.) 

$39.99 + FREE Shipping

56” Portable Tripod

Note to self:  Do Not skimp on your tripod.  You do not want a camera on the floor.  {Cameras like to be high up--they're snooty like that.)  You don’t need a super-heavy mac-daddy, but you do need a solid, sturdy tripod. 

2. DESK TRIPOD (On-the-Go too!)

I love this JOBY TRIPOD because it wraps around things if you’re out and about shooting video, but it’s perfect to bend and move if you need something for your desk too!  I found it on another blogger’s recommended page (he’s a travel blogger) and I’m so glad I got it!


Flexible Tripod Stand Kit



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