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Career Highlights

Video Marketing Strategist

Learn to do VIDEO with Emmy Award Winning Webcaster,

Beth Blemaster, with AllTheVideoThings. Beth uses her two decades of online and television experience, to get you up and running with VIDEO for your business—FAST.

TV News is the start of Beth’s video journey (she was a reporter/anchor/host for nearly 10 years), but ONLINE VIDEO is where things really accelerated.

She's the creator of an Emmy Award Winning Webcast, writing, producing, hosting & editing weekly content, done from the comfort of her own home!!

Two years later, Beth used VIDEOS on YouTube to build a

MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCING TEAM in a direct sales company, earned several incentive trips, cash bonuses & top sponsoring awards.

Beth is one of the TOP THREE all-time sponsors in that company, and she estimates that more than 97% of them came from the VIDEOS she posted online.

Beth wondered why more people were not using video to boost their business exposure on the internet, so she created a Facebook group and asked where people were getting hung-up.

"I was shocked to hear the reasons WHY more people were not using video to market to this ginormous audience out there," Beth says.  "So I created the QuickStart Video program to help people get over those basic hurdles."

“I’m showing business owners what I did and how they can use VIDEO to build their audience,” Beth says.  “Regardless of your business, product or service, you are SMART to be connecting with VIDEO!"

When Beth isn't doing AllTheVideoThings from her Scottsdale, Arizona office, she likes to be outdoors.  You may catch a glimpse of what's she's up to on instagram.  But she'll be the first to tell you--she'd rather be in her community doing AllTheVideoThings!

10 Fun(ny) Facts About Beth

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